Where were the Acadians of Isle Saint-Jean (present-day Prince Edward Island) deported in 1758?

The Deportation from Isle Saint-Jean took place in 1758.  Island Acadians were deported to France, while the Acadians from Acadia (present-day Nova Scotia) had been deported to British colonies from Massachusetts to Georgia in 1755.

Sculpture by Sylvain Guimond representing the Deportation of the Prince Edward Island Acadians.

Close to 3,000 Acadians were deported from the Island to France.  Of these, only about 35% survived this terrible ordeal.  Two-thirds of the deportees died, either by drowning when ships that were transporting them sank, or following epidemics on board other ships.

Moreover, about 2,000 Acadians from Isle Saint-Jean escaped deportation, either by seeking refuge in northern New Brunswick or by going into hiding on the Island.