History of the Acadian Museum of PEI

The first Museum

The Museum today - Photo by Brian Simpson


January 26, 1964 Founding of the Association du Musée acadien incorporée.
Dr. J.-Aubin Doiron, Founding President.
Sister Antoinette DesRoches, c.n.d., Secretary.
Spring of 1964 Construction of a log building.
August 25, 1964 Official opening of the Acadian Museum.
1964-1978 Sister Antoinette DesRoches, c.n.d., first Director and person responsible for the acquisition of a large part of the collection; volunteer for 14 years.
1978-1985 Sister Marguerite Richard, c.n.d., second Director and person responsible for the genealogical project of 30,000 index cards, as well as coming up with the funds for a planning study; volunteer for 7 years.
1984 The Lord Report:  a planning study by Barry Lord, Consultant.
126 recommendations.
One of the recommendations:  the construction of a new museum.
1984 The cataloguing of artifacts begins as a result of projects funded by Employment and Immigration Canada.
1985-1986 Murielle Arsenault, first paid Director, is hired under an Employment and Immigration Canada project.
1985 First permanent exhibit on the Island Acadians.
1985 Founding of the Centre for Acadian Research of Prince Edward Island.
Georges Arsenault, first paid Director, is hired on a part-time basis under a Department of the Secretary of State of Canada 6-month project.
1987 The classification of archives begins under Canadian Council of Archives projects.
1987 Fundraiser to establish a trust fund of which only the interest will be used for the Acadian Museum’s operations.
1988 First government operating grant under the Canada/Prince Edward Island General Agreement on the Promotion of Official Languages allowing, for the first time, the hiring of 2 full-time employees and the opening of the Museum year round.
Cécile Gallant is hired as Executive Director, and Angèle Barriault, as Administrative Secretary.
1988 Measures are taken under the chairmanship of J.-Edmond Arsenault to obtain the necessary funding for the construction of a new museum.
1990 Federal-provincial funding is obtained to accommodate the Museum in a new building.
October 3, 1990 Construction of the new Acadian Museum gets under way.
July 22, 1991 The new Acadian Museum welcomes its first visitors.
April 24, 1992 Official opening of the new Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island.
April 1, 1996 The Acadian Museum becomes part of the Prince Edward Island Museum & Heritage Foundation.
1998 Creation of a Web site for the Acadian Museum & Centre for Acadian Research.
Participation in a first virtual exhibit on the Internet.