Collection Mandate

Artifact Collection

The Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island has a rich collection of artifacts which are associated to the history and material culture of Island Acadians since the middle of the 19th century.  Some of these artifacts are presented in our permanent exhibition. The others are displayed regularly in our temporary exhibitions.

The artifacts collection sector is a priority at the Acadian Museum.  Since no budget exists for this purpose, all the artifact acquisitions result from the generous donations of Island Acadians.  Close to 4,000 artifacts make up the Acadian Museum’s collection.  The objects are catalogued and stored according to museum’s preservation standards.  The environmental conditions in the storage room are controlled so that the temperature and relative humidity are at 20º and 45º respectively; the lights in the exhibition rooms are incandescent.

The Acadian Museum’s main fields of interest are as follows:

Categories Artifacts
Household furnishings Furniture such as chairs, tables, beds, etc.
Woven bedspreads and blankets,
Hooked rugs, etc.
Personal Clothing,
Shoes, etc.
Tools and equipment Plows,
Fishing nets,
Powder rifles,
Shoe molds,
Spinning wheels,
Brakes (linen),
Butter churns,
Dinnerware, etc.
Works of art Framed photographs representing
many Island Acadian families,
Embroidery, etc.
Recreation Wooden skates, etc.
Society Religious objects:
Statues, lampions, communion wafer molds, etc.
Communication Books, journals, bibles, etc.
Transport Yokes, car parts, etc.