Tuesday Talks 2010

Press Release – Tuesday Talks 2010

The sixth edition of the Tuesday Talks at the Acadian Museum, in Miscouche, will begin on July 6 and will run until August 10. Three of the presentations will be given in French and three in English. The talks begin at 7:30 p.m.

“Visitors from the States” will be the theme of the first talk (in French) on July 6. It will consist of a round table with Denise Arsenault, Fédora Melanson, and Marcella Perry. They will reminisce about the time when the visit of relatives from the “Boston States” was one of the highlights of the summer months on the Island. Members of the audience will also be invited to share their stories on the subject.

On July 13, the guest speaker will be the genealogist Jean Bernard. His illustrated presentation (in English) is entitled “A Century of Acadian Presence in Summerside, 1855-1955″. It will deal with the origins and the genealogy of the city’s pioneer Acadian families, as well as their social and economic contributions. This talk is presented in collaboration with La Belle-Alliance.

The geology of the Evangeline Region will be the subject of the July 20 talk. Dr. Samuel Arseneault, former professor of geography at Université de Moncton, will give an illustrated lecture (in French) covering 300 million years of the history of that part of the Island. He will discuss the physical evolution of the region and explain how it came to have the type of soil and vegetation that it has.

“The Art of our Acadian Mothers” will be the topic for the July 27 talk (in English) with Sylvia Poirier and her sister Patricia Garrity, natives of Miscouche. They will talk about how handicraft, including rug hooking, was important in the lives of their mother, aunts, and grandmothers.

The talk of August 3 (in French) will be dedicated to the legendary Father Georges Antoine Belcourt. Quoting letters written by the former parish priest of Rustico (1859-1869), historian Georges Arsenault will discuss the incredible contribution made to the Island Acadian community by this fascinating man.

The Tuesday Talks at the Acadian Museum will come to a close on August 10 with provincial archaeologist Dr. Helen Kristmanson. In her presentation (in English), entitled
“Archaeological Investigations of an 18th Century Acadian Farmstead at Pointe-aux-Vieux (near Port Hill)”, she will discuss the findings that her team made during recent archaeological digs in the area where Prince County’s first European and Acadian settlement was located.

The Acadian Museum of P.E.I. is located in Miscouche, on Route 2, at 10 km west of Summerside. Following the talks, refreshments will be served. Admission is free, but donations will be appreciated. Information : (902) 432-2880.

Information : Cécile Gallant, Director, Acadian Museum, (902) 432-2881.
Georges Arsenault, coordinator of the Tuesday Talks,
(902)566-5067 / (902) 887-2791.


6 juillet / July 6 (En français / In French)
« La visite des États »
Invitées / Guests : Denise Arsenault, Fédora Melanson, Marcella Perry

13 juillet / July 13 (En anglais / In English)
« One Hundred Years of an Acadian Presence in Summerside, 1855-1955 »
Invité / Guest : Jean Bernard

20 juillet / July 20 (En français / In French)
« Après 300 millions d’années, Évangéline (la région) est parée »
Invité / Guest : Samuel Arseneault

27 juillet / July 27 (En anglais / In English)
« The Art of our Acadian Mothers »
Invitées / Guests : Sylvia Poirier & Patricia Garrity

3 août / August 3 (En français / In French)
« Les lettres du père Belcourt »
Invité / Guest : Georges Arsenault

10 août / August 10 (En anglais / In English)
« Archaeological Investigations of an 18th Century Acadian Farmstead
near Port Hill »
Invitée / Guest : Helen Kristmanson