Tuesday Talks 2009

Press Release – Tuesday Talks 2009

The fifth edition of the Tuesday Talks at the Acadian Museum, in Miscouche, will begin on July 7 and will run until August 11. Song making and fiddling will be the dominant themes of this year’s series. As in the past, three of the presentations will be given in French and three in English.

Fiddler and music instructor Anastasia DesRoches will start off the series on July 7 with a talk (in English) entitled “Old and New Acadian Fiddling Tunes from P.E.I.”. She will talk mainly of her recent project through which she recorded some 300 fiddle tunes composed by Island Acadian fiddlers.

The 125th anniversary of the 1884 National Acadian Convention will be remembered on July 14. It was at this convention, held in Miscouche, that the Acadian flag was chosen by Acadian delegates from the three Maritimes Provinces. The talk (in French), hosted by historian Georges Arsenault, will revisit this famous event and it will include the appearance of some of the Acadian leaders who gave speeches at the Convention.

The July 21 talk (in English) will also feature a personality of the past, surveyor Samuel Holland who was in charge of surveying the Island in 1764-1765. Incarnated by George Dalton, one of his descendants, Holland will share his memories of the Island and of the Acadians he found living here a few years after the Deportation.

Prince Edward Island Acadian song-makers of the 19th and early 20th centuries will be the focus of the July 28 presentation. Folklorist Georges Arsenault will talk (in French) about Julitte Arsenault, Tom (Magitte) Arsenault, Isabelle Perry, André Arsenault, and Leah Maddix and some of the interesting local songs that they composed.

Ethnomusicologist Meghan Forsyth will be the guest lecturer on August 4. Her talk (in English) is entitled “From Concerts to Kitchen Parties: PEI Acadian Music”. It will deal with the research she is presently doing on the vitality of traditional music in the Acadian community and the role that it plays in the construction of Acadian identity.

The Tuesday Talk series will end (in French) on August 11 with contemporary songwriters Jeannita Bernard and Paul D. Gallant. Two of the most prolific Island French-language songwriters, they will relate the stories behind their most popular songs.

The Acadian Museum of P.E.I. is located in Miscouche on Route 2, 10 km west of Summerside. The talks start at 7:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served. Admission is free, but donations will be appreciated. Information : (902) 432-2880.

Information : Cécile Gallant, Director, Acadian Museum (902-432-2881)
Georges Arsenault, Coordinator of the Tuesday Talks
(902-566-5067 / 902-887-2791)


7 juillet / 7 July (En anglais / In English)

« Old and New Acadian Fiddling Tunes from P.E.I. »
Invitée / Guest : Anastasia DesRoches

14 juillet / 14 July (En français / In French)

« La Convention nationale des Acadiens de 1884 revisitée »
Animateur : Georges Arsenault

21 juillet / 21 July (En anglais / In English)

« Samuel Holland returns to the Island »
Invité / Guest : George Dalton

28 juillet / 28 July (En français / In French)

« Les composeux et composeuses de chansons d’autrefois »
Invité / Guest : Georges Arsenault

4 août / 4 August (En anglais / In English)

« From Concerts to Kitchen Parties: P.E.I. Acadian Music »
Invitée / Guest : Meghan Forsyth

11 août / 11 August (En français / In French)

« D’où viennent nos chansons? » Invités / Guests : Jeannita Bernard et Paul D. Gallant