Tuesday Talks 2008

Press Release – Tuesday Talks 2008

The Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island, in Miscouche, will present a series of six talks to be held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. Three of the presentations will be given in French and three in English.

“Weddings of the Past” will be the theme of the first talk (in French) on July 8. It will consist of a round table with Erma Arsenault,Yvonne Arsenault, Joseph Gallant and Antoine Richard. They will reminisce about wedding traditions in rural Acadian P.E.I. from the 1930s to the 1960s.

On July 15, the presentation (in English) will deal with the 1758 Deportation of the Prince Edward Island Acadians with author and historian Earle Lockerby. The talk entitled “Voices from the Acadian Deportation of 1758″ will include readings from a variety of period documents that shed light on the tragic event and its victims.

The July 22 talk (in French) will consist of a discussion with author Alice Richard about the Acadian dialect spoken by the characters Pélagie and Henriette which she created for a column in the local weekly, La Voix acadienne. These two popular gossipers will make an appearance during the evening.

On July 29, Jean-Paul Arsenault will give a talk (in English) on the P.E.I. Gaudet ancestors, that is the family of Joseph (Chaculot) Gaudet and Marie-Blanche Bourg. He will explain the twisted route that they followed before settling on the Island. Their story is the stuff of Hollywood movies and their courage and determination against all odds is an inspiration to their many descendants.

“The Acadians who settled on Malpeque Bay” will be the theme of the August 5 talk (in French). Historian Georges Arsenault will share his recent research on that community that lived in the Port Hill area between 1728 and 1758. He will explain what happened to those families during the 1758 Deportation.

The Tuesday Talks will end on August 12 with an illustrated talk (in English) entitled “Restoring an Acadian Pioneer House in Rustico: An American Woman’s Encounter with her Material Past”. The guest lecturer, Joan Vermette, is a Massachusetts native with Island Acadian roots.

The Acadian Museum of P.E.I. is pleased to present these talks which will contribute in informing visitors on several aspects of Acadian life on Prince Edward Island. Refreshments will be served. Admission is free but donations are appreciated. The Acadian Museum of P.E.I. is located in Miscouche on Route 2, 10 km west of Summerside.  Information : (902) 432-2880.

Information :     Cécile Gallant, Director, Acadian Museum (902-432-2881)
Georges Arsenault, Coordinator of the Tuesday Talks
(902-566-5067 / 902-887-2791)


8 juillet /  July 8  (En français / In French)
« Les noces d’autrefois »
Invité(e)s / Guests : Erma Arsenault, Yvonne Arsenault,
Joseph Gallant et Antoine Richard

15 juillet /  July 15  (En anglais / In English)
«Voices From the Acadian Deportation of 1758 »
Invité / Guest : Earle Lockerby

22 juillet / July 22 (En français / In French)
« Le parler acadien de Pélagie et Henriette »
Invitées / Guests : Alice Richard, Pélagie et Henriette

29 juillet / July 29 (En anglais / In English)
« Le Grand Dérangement : The Arrival of the Gaudet Ancestors on P.E. I. »
Invité / Guest : Jean-Paul Arsenault

5 août / August 5 (En français / In French)
« Les Acadiens de la baie de Malpèque, 1728-1758 »
Invité / Guest : Georges Arsenault

12 août / August 12 (En anglais / In English)
« Restoring an Acadian Pioneer House in Rustico:
An American Woman’s Encounter with her Material Past »
Invitée / Guest : Joan Vermette