Tuesday Talks 2007

Press Release – Tuesday Talks 2007

The popular “Tuesday Talks” are back at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island for the third consecutive year.  This series of six talks will be held on Tuesday evenings at  7:30 p.m. during July and August. Three of the presentations will be given in French and three in English.

The first talk, which will be given in French on July 10, will revolve around the former small rural Acadian schools. Three retired teachers, Orella Arsenault, Édouard Blanchard and Eileen Chiasson Pendergast, will share their memories of these rural schools which played an important role in community life until the 1960s.

The July 17 talk, which will be given in English, will focus on the restoration of Miscouche’s St. John the Baptist Church. The talk will start off with a guided tour of the historic church. Participants will then head over to the Acadian Museum for a  presentation on the history of the church by Father Albin Arsenault, a dynamic priest and heritage enthusiast.

The series of talks will continue in French on July 24, and will focus on former Island scholarship recipients who studied in the Province of Québec. Guest speakers will be Father Éloi Arsenault, Berthe Blanchard and Edmond Richard. All three were able to pursue their studies in French in Québec’s colleges and universities, in the 1950s and 60s, thanks to scholarships obtained by the SSTA.

On July 31, the English presentation given by Georges Arsenault and Doug Sobey will focus on surveyor Samuel Holland and the Acadians. The guest speakers will explain the information that can be gathered about 18th century Island Acadians by studying the maps and written documents made by Samuel Holland and his team when they divided the Island in 67 lots in 1765.

The Acadians and World War II will be the theme of the August 7 talk. Guest speakers will be two war veterans, Albert Arsenault and Gussie Gallant. The talk will concentrate on Acadian participation in this great conflict, as well as on the impact of war on the Island’s Acadian families and communities. This presentation will be given in French.

The Tuesday Talks will end on August 14 with an English presentation by historian Earle Lockerby. This great researcher, who wrote a great deal on the history of the Acadians of Île Saint-Jean, will talk of his discoveries concerning the first years of the founding of the Island colony.

The Acadian Museum is proud to present these talks which will help increase awareness about several aspects of Acadian life on Prince Edward Island. Refreshments will be served. Admission is free, but donations would be appreciated.

Information:     Cécile Gallant, Director, Acadian Museum (902-432-2881)
Georges Arsenault, Coordinator of the Tuesday Talks (902-887-2791)


10 juillet / July 10  (En français / In French)
« Souvenirs des petites écoles acadiennes »

Invités / Guests : Orella Arsenault, Édouard Blanchard, Eileen Chiasson Pendergast

17 juillet / July 17 (En anglais / In English)
« Restoring Miscouche’s St. John the Baptist Church »
Invité / Guest : Father Albin Arsenault

24 juillet / July 24 (En français / In French)
« Aller étudier au Québec : souvenirs des boursiers de la SSTA »

Invités / Guests : Père Éloi Arsenault, Berthe Blanchard, Edmond Richard

31 juillet / July 31 (En anglais / In English)
« Surveyor Samuel Holland and the Acadians »
Invités / Guests : Georges Arsenault & Doug Sobey

7 août / August 7 (En français / In French)
« Acadiens de l’Île et la Seconde Guerre mondiale »
Invités / Guests : Albert Arsenault, Gussie Gallant, Florina Gallant

14 août / August 14 (En anglais / In English)
« Beginning of Colonization and Cod Fishing in Prince Edward Island, 1720‑1724 » Invité / Guest : Earle Lockerby