The Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island welcomes a wide range of visitors all year long. Of course attendance is higher in the summer when tourists flock to the Island. They come from across Canada and the United States, as well as many countries around the world. They are often surprised to discover our museum and the history of the Acadians on the Island. They sometimes leave messages like these in the guest book:

Bravo for the quality of this Museum. Rich and pertinent comments. A true joy. Thank you.”

The Acadian history is far more complex than we, as outsiders, had read. Our knowledge has increased 100%. Thanks for the history lesson!”

Among the Acadian museums we’ve visited, this one certainly explains the Acadian drama the most clearly. Thank you for your warm welcome.”

A fascinating snapshot of a little-known part of Canadian-Acadian history – well done!”

Over the years, the Acadian Museum has had the honor of welcoming distinguished visitors such as the Right Honourable Roméo LeBlanc, Governor General of Canada, Her Excellency Mary McAleese, President of Ireland, as well as ambassadors from Canada and other countries, French consuls, and Premiers of Prince Edward Island.

The Acadian Museum regularly receives groups of students from the province’s French and English schools. Also, with its varied programming, it welcomes the many Islanders who, throughout the year, attend exhibition openings, lectures, and other activities that help to spread the word about Prince Edward Island’s Acadian history, traditions, and heritage.


Tourists at the Acadian Museum

The guide Gisèle Bernard (on the right) is explaining to a group of tourists how hooked rugs are made. The photo was taken in 1977 in the old museum.

(Source: Musée acadien de l’Î.-P.-É.)

Visitors from West Prince

In 1988, the Acadian Museum welcomed a group of Acadians from the West Prince area of Prince Edward Island. The visit had been organized by the Club Ti-Pa and the Rév. S.-É. Perrey Regional Committee of the Société Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin. The group was accompanied by the Palmer Road parish priest, Father Eloi Arsenault, seen standing to the left towards the front of the group.

(Source: Musée acadien de l’Î.-P.-É.)

A School Visit

Grade 6 students from the Miscouche Consolidated School participated in the school program at the Acadian Museum in February 1993. Joseph E. Gallant gave a demonstration on how to make a fishing net while his wife Marguerite showed how to spin wool.

(Photo: La Voix acadienne)

A Visit from the Premier

Throughout the years, the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island has received the visit of many political figures. In 1995, it welcomed Premier Catherine Callbeck for the official opening of the Provincial Francophone Celebrations. From left to right: Robert Maddix, Acadian MLA; Alan Buchanan, Minister responsible for Acadian and Francophone Affairs; Gabriel and Évangéline personified by Julien and Orella Arsenault; and Premier Catherine Callbeck.

(Source: Musée acadien de l’Î.-P.-É.)

The Visit of a Governor General

On April 5, 1995, Canada’s first Acadian Governor General, His Excellency Roméo LeBlanc, was welcomed to the Acadian Museum by the Acadian community of Prince Edward Island during his first official visit to the Island. He is seen here in the company of Cécile Gallant, Director of the Acadian Museum; Wilfred Arsenault, President of the Association of the Acadian Museum of P.E.I.; and Father Éloi Arsenault, President of the Société Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin.

(Source: Musée acadien de l’Î..-P.-É.)

The Doiron Family at the Acadian Museum

In February 1997, members of the family of the late Dr. J. Aubin Doiron, founding president of the Association of the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island, paid a visit to the Museum. On this occasion, his wife, Bernice Doiron, presented to the Acadian Museum a portrait of Dr. Doiron and the proclamation making him the 22nd Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island, in 1980.

(Photo: La Voix acadienne)

A Very Special Visit from Ireland

During her offical visit to Prince Edward Island on October 3, 1998, the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, made a visit to the Acadian Museum. She was accompanied by a delegation of 25 people including the Irish Ambassador to Canada and the Canadian Ambassador to Ireland. She is seen here listening attentively to historian and guide Georges Arsenault.

(Photo: La Voix acadienne)

Walls Full of Memories

The official openings of exhibitions are always popular events at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island. Seen here are a few of the visitors who attended in 2010 the opening of the exhibition “The 50th Anniversary of Evangeline School, 1960-2010”.

(Source: Georges Arsenault)

A Full House

The Tuesday Talks at the Acadian Museum, held during the summer months since 2005, often attract large audiences. That was the case at the talk, in French, held on August 14, 2012, which was titled “It was in the Newspaper: News from Mont-Carmel and Egmont Bay.”

(Photo: La Voix acadienne)

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