Since the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island has been able to hire full-time staff in 1988, and especially since the new facilities have opened in 1991, it has been possible to offer the public a choice variety of activities related mainly to Acadian history and culture.

These activities are sometimes organized in collaboration with other organizations, such as the Sister Antoinette DesRoches Historical Committee and La Belle-Alliance ltée (the Société Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin’s regional committee in the greater Miscouche-Summerside region).

The many activities that have taken place over the years include the Tuesday Talks, the Festival Folk-Acadie, Christmas at the Museum, National Acadian Day celebrations on August 15, book and CD launches, unveilings, workshops, demonstrations, symposiums, soirees of songs, music, and storytelling, and, of course, exhibition openings.

All of these activities contribute significantly to bring life to the Acadian Museum and to highlight the province’s Acadian history and culture.


Workshop on Old Cameras

In 1988, Ron Wybou, from Charlottetown, gave a presentation at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island on his collection of old cameras. This activity was held during the P.E.I. Art Festival.

(Source: Musée acadien de l’Î.-P.-É.)

Lecture by Georges Arsenault

Historian Georges Arsenault is a regular lecturer at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island. In 1992, he gave a lecture in French titled “Senator Joseph-Octave Arsenault, Man of the Acadian Renaissance.” Hélène Gallant and Armand Gaudet were among the attendees.

(Source: La Voix acadienne)

How Christmas was Celebrated in Years Past

In 1993, the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island held its first “Christmas at the Museum.” Workshops on Christmas traditions of the past were offered to children. During one of the workshops, Father Éloi Arsenault got the children singing French Christmas carols while Hermine Arsenault shared with the kids memories of Christmases from her childhood.

(Source: La Voix acadienne)

A Knitting Machine

During the 1995 Acadian Frolic at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island, Louise Arsenault demonstrated how to knit stockings using a knitting machine. Attending the demonstration were Annonciade and Joseph Gallant from Wellington.

(Source: La Voix acadienne)

August 15 at the Acadian Museum

Getting ready for the Acadian family parade during the 1998 Acadian National Feast Day.

(Source: Musée acadien de l’Î.-P.-É.)

Christmas at the Museum

The Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel parish choir participated many times at the Christmas celebrations at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island. The choir is seen here in 1998 singing both French and English Christmas carols under the direction of Edmond Gallant.

(Source: Georges Arsenault)

The Acadian Troubadours

In 2000, the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island sponsored a school tour of the duo “Les Troubadours acadiens” composed of Michael Pendergast (left) and Georges Arsenault. The presentation with songs, tales, and music dealt with the Candlemas collection tradition. The troubadours are seen here during a performance at the Museum.

(Source: Georges Arsenault)


Young Student Employees

Janice Arsenault (left) and Geneviève Ouellette were part of the summer staff at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island in 2000. Among their responsibilities was the coordination of the Folk Acadie Festival.

(Source: Musée acadien de l’Î.-P.-É.)


The Acadians of Summerside

Betty Pickering (née Blacquière), Anne Richard, and Kenny Arsenault participated in a panel discussion entitled “Growing Up Acadian in Summerside” during the symposium “The Acadians in Town: The Summerside Community, Past and Present” organized jointly by the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island and La Belle-Alliance (regional committee of the Société Saint-Thomas d’Aquin) in 2000. Barbara LeBlanc was the facilitator of the panel discussion.

(Source: Georges Arsenault)


Old Time Music

Traditional musicians are often part of the activities held at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island. In 2000, at the launch of the CD Acadian Folk Music of Prince Edward Island, Amand Arsenault couldn’t resist giving a step while Zélie-Anne Gaudet played one of her lively tunes. Georges Arsenault who compiled the CD looks on.

(Source: Georges Arsenault)

The Festival Folk-Acadie Pamphlet

From 1996 to 2001, summer visitors at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island were treated to numerous cultural activities during its Festival Folk-Acadie.

An Unveiling

On February 17, 2002, a sculpture by Louis-Philippe Hébert titled Acadiens, donated to the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island by Camille Brière from Montréal, was unveiled. Doing the honours were members of two generations. From left to right: Mitchell Chaisson and Emmanuel Doucette from West Prince, and Édouard Blanchard and Samantha Gallant from Rustico.

(Source: La Voix acadienne)

Mid-Lent Visitors at the Museum

A few Mi-Carêmes made an appearance at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island on February 17, 2008 for the launching of the French version of Georges Arsenault’s book Acadian Mi-Carême: Masks and Merrymaking.

(Source: Georges Arsenault)

Book Launching

Writer Melvin Gallant, a native of Urbainville, P.E.I., launched his historical novel Le Métis de Beaubassin at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island on October 4, 2009.

(Source: La Voix acadienne)

Tuesday Talks

Since 2005, the Tuesday Talks are part of the summer program at the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island. Three are given in French and three in English. In 2012, Riel Gallant was one of the guest lecturers. His topic: “The Buotes and Their Printing Company.”

(Source: La Voix acadienne)

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